Monday, July 7, 2014

Illegal Trail Cutting in White Rock

From Craig Martin via Chris Collord

Tuff Riders,
As many of you know, the trails in White Rock were recently opened to mountain biking.  Craig Martin has been alerted to some illegal trail cutting that is (correctly or not) being attributed to mountain bikes in the area.  If any of you know who is responsible, please get them to STOP!  If you are in the area, please do NOT ride these trails.

**** FROM CRAIG: ******
There's been some illegal trail cutting on the TA-70 and 71 tracts between White Rock and Bandelier. I'm told that each of the illegal trails passes through sensitive cultural resource sites, and that each new route has bicycle tracks on them. The area was recently opened to bicycle use, but illegal trail building here threatens to have the entire area shut down to all entry. The mesas and canyons hold many cultural sites and if damage to them continues, we'll all be locked out. If you know who the trail builders are, please get them to stop, now!

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