Sunday, July 20, 2014

Its Been 45 Years....Since Whitey Was First On The Moon...

Caught this on NPR this weekend. 45th Anniversary of the first moon landing.

I was glued to my parent's TV set in 1969, watching Whitey on the Moon.
We fled Buffalo, NY just before the riots hit, so I could watch Whitey on the Moon
Did some of my graduate work, courtesy of NASA,
With rocks Whitey found on the Moon
Its been 45 years and I'm bummed out that no one is back on the moon
and not much else has been solved back home
since Whitey was on the moon
I wish we had half the ambition we had putting Whitey on the Moon
We've almost doubled CO2 since whitey was on the moon
Income gap is worse than ever since whitey was on the moon
Chicago is as bad as Fallujah since whitey was on the moon
 So it seems these days we can't do Jack Shit
Except watch whitey politicians howl at the moon.
I think I'll just thank Gil Scott-Heron
For writing his song about Whitey on the Moon.
And hope someone can figure out
How to put people back on the Moon.
even metaphorically, of course. And not leaving anyone out.
Or stranded on the Moon.


Jimbo said...

"Whitey"? On the moon? That shit cracks me up.

Khal said...

I saw Gil Scott-Heron at a concert he gave at SUNY Stony Brook while I was a grad student there. Was a good performance. He was a caustic critic of social injustice. Too bad he got into drugs and shit...and jail.

Steve A said...

Actually, considering that Armstrong got his MS at USC (located in a largely black neighborhood), it COULD have been titled "God loves Trojans!"

Khal said...

LMAO! Good one, Steve.