Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Survey Open To Collect Opinions About Potential Bike Sharing Project In Los Alamos County

I was asked to publicize this too, so I hope no one at the Daily Post minds that I just copy/link to the article. Its all the same. I met with Kevin Holsapple, who is spearheading this, before the Christmas season.

Note. If you have detailed comments, please feel free to leave them here as well as on the survey. Thanks.

Survey Open To Collect Opinions About Potential Bike Sharing Project In Los Alamos County

An online survey is open for responses at that invites all interested public to provide information that will be used in assessing the feasibility of providing a bicycle sharing service in Los Alamos County. 

The survey is a project of Places & Spaces Los Alamos, a 501c3 community development organization. The group has researched approaches to bike sharing systems that are being implemented in other communities with a particular emphasis on private sector initiatives. They concluded that there may be a cost effective, scalable operating approach that could have applicability here. An open question is whether there could be sufficient demand for shared bikes to justify the effort to pursue the idea further.

The survey is short and will take most people five minutes or less to respond to. Respondents are requested to share the link with other members of the public who they think could be interested in providing their inputs.

Places & Spaces mission is to support the creation and development of amenities, places and spaces for community social interaction. The survey will be open for the next two weeks. Analysis of survey responses and future actions planned by Places & Spaces will be published on the group's Facebook page at

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Khal said...

Seems like there should be a little more cycling infrastructure for this to work. Not enough bike lanes, bike paths, bike racks around town, etc. Cycling around town would have to be easier and safer for the casual cyclist.