Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vision Zero Initiative

Bike ABQ asked me to give a presentation on Vision Zero. That will be at its February Community Meeting. So far, I've looked at a few links I will share here, as well as dug out a presentation I gave at the 2006 Pro-Bike/Pro Walk as part of the Traffic Justice Initiative. If you have some ideas to share, fling 'em this way. LAB is doing a big deal on Vision Zero at the annual bike summit, too.

The basic notion is in the video at the following link: "When the Individual Fails, the Road System Will Not", i.e., it assumes human failure and plans for it rather than planning for maximum throughput (vehicle level of service) with safety as a secondary goal, with safety too strongly determined by fallible drivers. Watch this vid:

Other stuff

Its not a new idea. Sweden started it a couple decades ago as did a lot of Europe. Maybe it will get traction in the US, although we are certainly behind the curve.

Some info here.

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