Sunday, December 18, 2016

Canyon Rim Trail Grand Opening: Save the Date

Surprised they trusted me with those scissors!

 A Nice Way To Resume Riding After The Year From Hell

On Wednesday the 21st of December at 1 pm there will be a ribbon cutting at  the new bike/ped bridge that completes the Canyon Rim Trail, effectively bridging the West end of DP canyon. Refreshments will follow at Crossroads Bible Church.  The bridge is close to the intersection of DP Road and the trail, just east of the intersection shown in the picture here.

Properly marked crossing
This last section of trail, completed with bridgework and numerous rock cuts, fill, and rock wall installation to make room for the trail along the canyon edge, means the trail now extends from Smith's Marketplace to Pajarito Cliffs, the Holiday Inn, and food co-op. Thus, cyclists will be able to avoid riding on NM 502 if you wish. Just be careful as there will be plenty of other users sharing this trail.

There is also a plan in place to connect to an urban bikeway system in the historic district and a grant proposal submitted to construct a grade-separated crossing at the east end of the trail where it crosses the 50 mph NM 502 at the Food Co-Op. Stay tuned and stay engaged. We don't want anyone to have a nice safe passage to the east end and then get splattered by a speeding motorist.

These are the kinds of projects that should turn Honorable Mention to Bronze or better in BombTown's Bicycle Friendly Community quest. I think we are better than Honorable mention already but you already know that.

I am term limited off the Transportation Board in March, but am thrilled that I am still board chair when this is happening. Its a great way to ride off into the sunset! Don't worry though. You have not heard the last of me yet when it comes to bike stuff. Whether you like it or not...

I've been off the bike since August due to injuries and surgery. I think Canyon Rim will be my inaugural ride getting back on the bike! Well, not quite. I cheated a bit today.

A few more pics. Click to see at full resolution.

One view of the new bridge
Sharp curves marked and striped to reduce potential for conflict

I think the pavement is ten feet wide the whole length of the trail

Approaching bridge headed West

Massive ironworks. Even at my present weight I was safe
Nice views towards the Sangre de Cristos

Now, what was that I was doing before August 15th?

This was one of those years when, as my colleague Floyd Stanley reminded me, I should have wrapped myself in bubble wrap. Broke my foot (pseudo Jones fracture) in August (on the fifteenth) but back in May, I took a hard fall in the garage and as continued misery told me, I apparently tore my rotator cuff. So as soon as I was out of the foot cast it was into the hospital to let the nice surgeons at Taos Orthopaedics take a whack at my shoulder with the various saws, knives, grinding wheels, pop riveters, superglue, and other contraptions they use for reattaching rotator cuffs and other damaged parts; in my case, damaged biceps tendons as well. My personal tip of the brain bucket goes to Dr. Sean Marvil, who in addition to being an excellent surgeon is also a fellow motorcycle aficianado and outdoorsman. So it was out of the cast and into an arm immobilization device for eight more weeks followed by a deliberate healing process which is still on the steep part of the rebuilding phase.  Plays hell with one's fitness.

Well, I finally got a bike set up for next weekend, when I can officially start riding again, and took it for a short run around the block to check the setup. Basically, it is my dual suspension Stumpjumper with 700c wheels stolen from my cross bike lashed to it and 700-32 touring tires on those hoops. Between the shocks and the wide rubber, this should give my healing shoulder some shock absorption while I figure out how to turn the cranks again. Hopefully this will happen pretty soon.

Old Guy trying to look like a bicyclist again

Stumpjumper in its present "physical therapy" form


JerryM said...

Hi Khal

Glad your time off the bike is coming to an end. I sometimes look in the mirror and wonder why I continue to impersonate a cyclist :-O My first outdoor ride after my first hip replacement was on the Canyon Rim trail. It's a nice place to have a low intensity re-intro to cycling. I'll have to take a ride down there ASAP to try out the new connection to the Smith's parking lot. I think this is a great improvement to the existing trail and will be heavily used by walkers and cyclists


JerryM said...

Rode the trail from Smith's down to the Co-op last evening in the dark as a route diversion on the way home from work... very nice. Beautiful views of the lights in the valley with no street lights or car lights to interfere.


Steve A said...

I fear we have reached the age when healing is no longer more than a new plateau. I hope you avoided running with those scissors...