Saturday, September 27, 2008

LED Headlight shootout

One of the best pages I have seen comparing the new high-zoot LED headlights on the market.
As you mouse over the various light names, the picture shows the high and low light outputs in vivid pictures.

Thanks, BikeMag!

BikeMag gives credit to Planet Bike for this type of layout, the original of which can be found here. An excellent HID light is shown on the Planet Bike page. My concern with HID lights is not their eye-searing capacity, which appears to be unmatched, but the expense of replacement bulbs. The Alias, for example, while lighting up the universe, has a $110 price tag if you bulb needs replacement. Niteriders HID bulbs are about $120. On the other hand, not sure you can even replace LEDs in the high end lights. I've emailed Niterider asking that question.

Having said that, LEDs are apparently quite reliable. But if illumination is not to be compromised, HIDs rule. For example, the new NiteRider Slickrock HID puts out almost twice the light as the LED based Trinewt.

If you are going to be riding through the winter (with Mountain Standard Time approaching in November), these are good web sites to give a quick peruse. And these products are found widely. In addition to the local bike shop and usual bike online sources, REI and Amazon are now in the biz big time.

Although the prices seem high, the price of a crash is even higher.

Bottom line is to ride safe. Night means lights.

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