Sunday, September 28, 2008

More on your back!

Following the last post, I was wondering if I could find any data on the importance of lighting. Here is one source that stresses the need for not only lighting, but complete lighting, including being visible from the rear.

This snippet discusses the dreaded "Type 13" of car-bike collisions: cyclist hit from behind. Although relatively rare in total numbers, this crash type is often deadly when it does happen. Hence the question: would lighting prevent Type 13?


Listening to Bike Lanes: Moving Beyond the Feud

by Jeffrey A. Hiles, 1996

Chapter 2:
"...Cross reported that this motorist-overtaking category was the only crash type in his study where nighttime crashes out-numbered daytime ones. Nighttime crashes made up 71 percent of Type 13 fatalities, but only 30 percent of all fatal collisions. Also, 65 percent of non-fatal Type 13 problems were in darkness. In contrast, only 10 percent of non-fatal collisions of all types fell between dusk and dawn (p. 36). In more than 90 percent of the nighttime Type 13 crashes, the cyclists had no lights (Williams, 1993a)..."

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