Monday, September 1, 2008

Once again, here's to the Lowest Common Denominator

In his closing comments upon shutting down active dialog on the Bomb Town News Observer, Jimbo thanks the lowest common denominator folks for making anonymous comments on his blog that led him to shut it down:

"Here's to the Lowest Common Denominator, the ones who drag us down, the millstones that hang painfully around the neck of society! May they get what they deserve!..."

So too overnight, when the LCD'd hit once more, dousing the new mountain lion at the San Ildefonso roundabout with white latex paint. Its too bad we have to share a community with such lowlifes. Indeed, may they get what they deserve. Like, about two weeks of community service detail cleaning up the community, and scraping the last paint off that lion with their raw fingernails.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, White Rock has its rock that gets painted on a regular basis. I'm not sure why any one would be surprised that something like the mountain lion would attract attention. A nice shade of mauve would be nice.

Khal said...

I wasn't surprised at all, actually. Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? no. Self-restraint isn't exactly a community value any more.

Mesa Mike said...

And there's the 'LA' up on the the hill that's barely recognizable any more becuase it's been vandalized and re-arranged one too many times, plus all the attendant graffiti on the nearby rocks. LA Mountain looks more like a zit ready to pop than anything we should be proud of.

Khal said...

Of relevance to this Blog is that three of the people cleaning off the white paint were members of the L.A. cycling community.

Mesa Mike said...

Drove by the Mountain Lion this evening, and it looks like the mess has been completely cleaned up.

Thank you to the volunteers that took the time and effort to blot out the deeds of the Lowest Common Denominator.