Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For those days when human power isn't quite enough

Yeah. I finally did it. Its heaps of fun, and still on two wheels. So I guess it qualifies as "LA Bikes". As an LCI, it will be interesting taking a course from a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor.
I used to live on motorcycles and bicycles back in the ninteen seventies and eighties when I lived in Rochester, N.Y. and out on Long Island.  I sold my last moto, a 1979 Honda CX-500 wearing a black Pacifico Aero XP faring (whatever happened to Aero farings?), when I moved to Honolulu to take a job after grad school. The roads in Honolulu were just too nuts for a motorcycle. Well, at least I thought so. It was/is a little easier to ride a bicycle--life is in slow motion compared to being on a big motorbike.
Its important as an old fart who has been off moto for a quarter century to start slow and ease back in, something I would highly advise for anyone entering a long dormant activity requiring a skill set needed to stay in one piece. Ride careful and build up slow, moto, bicycle, hang glider, or otherwise.Keep the rubber side down, as we like to say. Especially when the rubber is attached to 580 lbs of very fast bike.

1995 BMW K1100 RS
MSF instructor Frank Allen of Albuquerque 
traded it in for an F800R


limom said...

that rocks!

Steve A said...

I hope you will post a "compare contrast" observation set.