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Golf Course Expansion Report from Tuffriders list

Jerry Merkey cross posted this to Pajarito Riders. Original Author was Brian Larsen. In addition to Brian's comment about contacting, I would suggest you copy and the County Parks and Recreation Board, which has an Open Space Subcommittee, which presumably should be involved in this topic.  Their email is

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Hey all,

I attended the meeting and thought I would send a few notes around.

There were about 50 people, mostly golfers.

There are two options on the table:
A: Revamp of the current course, more or less in bounds, $6.2M
B: Re-build the whole course on site which would expand into parts of the Walnut Canyon rim (and trail), $8.6M There was some discussion of return on investment and it had not been studied yet, if this interests you it is worth a note.

Both options would re-vamp the irrigation system and build a million gallon water tank in the Woodland Trail basin.

My recommendation to people especially in light of losing a lot of trails to the fire is to send some comments to the county, (they become public record so be thoughtful) telling them that trail users and open forest habitat have to be a bigger part of any decisions made about the golf course. To have impact, include your name and address in your email.

The presentation given by the golf course "architect" was well done and I think there is a path forward that will make us all ok (and better) but we have to be involved.

There was discussion about forming a trails committee for the remainder of the process, I suggest supporting this in your note to the county, along with a self-nomination :)


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