Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Golf Course Expansion Plan could kill Walnut and Woodland Trails??

Note that the first Wednesday meeting has already happened.  The 2nd meeting is tomorrow, 11/16.  It would be a shame to lose these two trails for many reasons.

According to June Fabryka-Martin, there will be a public meeeting on 16 Nov, 5:30-7:00 in the Training Room of the Community Building regarding the Golf Course Improvements Project. According to June, this will be an expansion project that could block trails along Walnut Canyon and Woodland Trail. Details are not available, but will be presented on Wednesday at the public meeting. 

The agenda will be to present a business plan, conceptual designs (including changes based on comments recieved from the first meeting), and the costs associated with the proposed improvements.

If you mountain bike around here, you should probably be there. From what I can tell its a very popular route. I've ridden it quite a few times. Would be tragic to lose it.  

What follows was copied off the County page linked above.

Golf Course Improvement Study 

The second Public Meeting is scheduled for November 16th, 5:30-7:00pm, in the Training Room of the Community Building. The agenda will be to present the business plan, conceptual designs (based on comments from the first meeting) and the costs associated with the proposed improvements. Please attend!

On December 7, 2010, County Council authorized staff to move forward with the CIP Phase I Study for the Golf Course Improvements project at the existing facility.  The proposed study includes reviewing the current irrigation system, water storage, the feasibility of practice facility expansion to mitigate safety concerns, the re-routing of holes, cart path replacement and potential renovation of fairways, bunkers, greens and tees.  Based on this physical review, a plan of course improvements will include but not be limited to: the cost of each of these components, a recommendation as to the most efficient and least disruptive and finally timing and phasing of the various components of the course improvements recommended.

The study team will also include a golf course analyst to review golf and maintenance operations, provide a market and economic assessment should these improvements be made as well as the number of rounds these improvements may generate.  This analysis will also review what the appropriate maintenance budgets should be, in order to maintain the course in good condition.

A public meeting was held September 21, 2011, which primarily focused on gathering public feedback based on basic conceptual designs.The study, which is budgeted at $75,000, will provide planning, schematic design options, programming and a cost analysis for each of the tasks listed above.

What’s Next:
The intent is to complete and submit the CIP Phase II Application to the CIP Evaluation and Oversight Committee by January 2012.

To be notified on project upates, email us at cpfd@lacnm.us

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Anonymous said...

Last night's meeting was packed with golfers and very few trail lovers. Agreement was made to work with trail users to ensure a good solution as one option eliminates the Walnut Canyon Rim trail. Trail users ought to involve themselves if they want to retain a route in the area. The woodland trails would also be affected. Trail users can lobby to minimize impacts. The time for involvement is now, not later.