Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't forget the HB 12 rally on Saturday

Admittedly it doesn't adequately tar and feather negligent drivers who kill or maim, but it does increase the available penalties from 90 days to up to 1 year in the Greybar Hotel. So I think it is a good start. See you there, I hope.

I might ride down on the BMW but if there is interest, might drive and fill the car with ornery bicyclists. Just recovering from a fractured toe, so I doubt if I will try to keep a bike shoe on for 70 miles.
The latest ghost bike will be for this guy:  Scott Duane Lane was killed January 10, 2012 by a driver who was allegedly so distracted she didn't even know she had run a red light. 90 days for mowing down a rider, father, and husband due to your increasingly accepted level of due carelessness doesn't seem right.

And, before I forget to mention it, be careful out there. Don't EVER take anything for granted, including a green light. Intersections are among the best places to get creamed. My good friend and former USCF teammate Ray Brust was hit in almost identical fashion in Downtown Honolulu. Ray was lucky--he was flipped over the car and got off with merely a fractured hip. I once did a Hood Ride through an intersection, holding onto an old fashioned car radio antenna for dear life.  By all means expect someone to screw up out there. Your defensive riding and situational awareness skills will often enough reward you with a new lease on life.
Scott Lane before his life was senselessly ended

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