Thursday, February 16, 2012

White Rock NM-4 Construction in full swing

I took a mad dash down to White Rock after lunch. The construction is in full swing. The Pajarito Road/Grand Canyon Ave vs. Rt. 4 intersection is completely dug up and would be tough on skinny road tires. So if you are riding through White Rock on NM-4 on the way to and from Bandelier or riding the loop, and especially if you are not familiar with the area or just want to avoid the whole ugly mess, I advise using the route shown by the the blue trace I put on the Google map at this link (Rover/Grand Canyon/Sherwood/Piedra Loop). I doubt it adds more than a mile to the distance if that, but I'll clock it next chance I get. There is no legal requirement to do so, but why be a glutton for punishment unless you really need to use the construction zone? In that case, be careful, be visible, don't cut behind barriers, and use robust equipment. Etc., etc.....

Have fun. Its a nice ride through White Rock and less nerve wracking to everyone. I've discussed that here.

Link to Los Alamos County page on NM4 construction.

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