Saturday, February 4, 2012

Krogerville: any bike accomodations?

Since we will indeed have Krogerville, has anyone asked what accommodations will be made to those who wish to shop via bicycle? After all, if one doesn't have to drive 35 miles to the store, one should have the option of hauling the weekly vittles home on a bike while leaving Old Belchfire home. Some options are shown here.

Note: the Center for Appropriate Transport site URL in the trailer matrix doesn't work (and hello from me to Jan Vander Tuin!). Use the main CAT link or this one.

The sea of car parking sure is obvious. It looks like there will be bike/ped trail access to the Canyon Rim Trail, but I wonder how useful a bike-ped trail will be for a bike hauling a trailer, i.e., with a much longer wheelbase. So we need to study the design of the roadway and mall entrances and the bike parking. A bike with panniers or trailer will not be as simple to park, Trinity Site needs to have parking designed for a loaded bicycle.

Time to ask some questions, unless someone reading this already has the answers.

Mall layout as shown in Los Alamos County Views


Pugsleymike said...

Just like parking our tandem with trailer at Smiths; nearest the doors locked to an unmovable object out of shoppers way.

Little Jimmy said...

Oh for crying out loud, Khal! We've already asked the government to create a shopping center in a place that otherwise wouldn't support one, and now you're asking for it to be bike-friendly, too? What the hell are you? A dreamer? Be happy with what you've got and wise up and drive, Spandex boy!

(Author's note: If you are confused or just plain dumb, this post was meant to be sarcastic.)

Khal said...

LMAO, Jim!!! But damned if you are not spot on.