Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day? Or Not.

It will take a 365 day commitment to manage our planet's resources in a sustainable way. We escaped the grim fate shown in my favorite dystopian movie, shown below.  My wife likes the more recent Richard Burton version, but I recall seeing this version circa 1960 in my grandmother's home in Buffalo, well before my parents fled the inner city to the Land of Suburbia. It was one of those seminal moments for a young kid, giving me a hint that perhaps the world I was about to inherit was less cheerful than grandma's living room.

In an era of billions of people aspiring to higher standards of living on limited resources, and where we have made an unprecedented transfer of fossil carbon back to the atmosphere and ocean in about a century, the future can as likely look like the movie below as it can the cheery version seen at PEEC on Saturday.

Earth Day has to be Earth Year. 1/365.245 won't cut the mustard, as my friend Ian would probably say.

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