Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NMSU Gets Bicycle-Friendly University Bronze Award

Kudos to the consortium that put this together ("...NMSU Bicycle Friendly University Taskforce, composed of representatives from the Teaching Academy, NMSU Police Department, Recreational Sports, Environmental Health & Safety and NMSU faculty ...").

When we did a weekend getaway to Las Cruces last winter, I noticed that the streets surrounding the campus looked pretty mellow (i.e., none of the insane speeders and lunatics I see in BombTown or Albuquerque) and surrounding communities were linked by fairly bikeable roadways. So the baseline stuff was there. Plus, they got all the important people into the room and around the table.

Anything of this nature going on at UNM? LANL? Los Alamos?

 Article below in the Las Cruces Sun. Just beware of the pop-ups.

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