Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Live Update Kinda Guy Hits the Intertubes

PatrickO'Grady (Maddogmeda dot com and longtime cartoonist, writer, and editor for Velonews, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, and more recently Adventure Cyclist) watched several of his colleagues walk the plank at Velo News courtesy of recent ownership changes and the now predictable gobbling up of small fish by large fish, followed by spitting out what isn't eaten. Rather than wait to walk that plank, he leaped from the ship and started his own little bike nooze corner of the Internet. Check it out here.

Patrick and I have been pen pals since I lived in Hawaii and was pestering him to create his now famous Old Guys Who Get Fat In Winter yellow jersey. So yeah, I'm certainly hoping he succeeds at this.

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