Friday, January 6, 2012

Found on Streetsblog: Bike advertisements about real people

Found this Giant advertisement while trolling the web this morning and happened to wander over to Streetsblog. I concur with Streetsblog: Good idea, although I cautioned Streetsblog readers about slinging grocery bags over their handlebars, esp. in traffic! I could quibble about some of the lane positioning too, but lets allow a bit of artistic license for now rather than seeming too grouchy.

The video below was copied from Youtube, so I could edit the frame size.

Now, can we bring this idea to the States?

In another tidbit from Streetsblog, here is a video of Ron Paul discussing Federal highway funding vs transit. Interesting.
And for yet another reality. Warning. Don't listen to this if the F bomb offends you.


Steve A said...

The problem with the Ron Paul discussion, as with his views on the Federal Reserve and our foreign policy is that we are in a world that is a product of our past actions and attempting to move cold turkey to the desired state would involve a phenomenal number of unintended consequences along the way. It may well have been wiser to have done what he suggests we should have done, but now, the real question is what do we do now that we've got all this stuff and now that we have got Iran regarding us as the Great Satan?

Khal said...