Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Help ressurect House Bill 68 to enhance penalties on careless vehicle operation

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3 January 2012
The Honorable Susana Martinez
Governor of the State of New Mexico

Mr. Henry Varela
Director, Constituent Services
Office of the Governor

Dear Governor Martinez and Director Varela:

During the 2011 legislative session, a bill increasing the penalties available for Careless Driving that results in great bodily harm or the death of another road user was introduced by Representative Rick Miera, House Bill 68. Although it passed the House by a unanimous vote, it did not make it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee at the end of the session.

Governor Martinez has recently commented in the news on how important it is to combat DWI. That is extremely laudable and I thank the Governor for leading this critical fight, but fighting DWI is increasingly only a part of the hazard we face on the road due to bad driving. Increasingly, electronic distractive devices and other forms of driver carelessness are endemic, leading to the notion that driving is not a full time job. The price is often paid in blood and tears.

The message we have to send to the public has to be a comprehensive one: being a good driver means not only remaining sober, but paying attention to one's driving and taking driving seriously. House Bill 68 would send just such a message, and hopefully do so as education rather than after a tragedy unfolds. I am asking Governor Martinez to please support this bill and put it on her legislative call.

Respectfully Yours, and hoping for a happy and productive 2012 for all New Mexicans,

Khalil J. Spencer
Los Alamos, New Mexico
copy: Rep. Jim Hall, Los Alamos


KOB-TV story on Heather Reu's death

Santa Fe New Mexican Op-Ed

To keep pushing this issue forward though, your help is needed. If you haven't contacted Governor Martinez's office about adding this bill to her call list for the 2012 session, please do so today. Contacting your NM Senator and Representative is the next step. These contacts are vital to educate our elected officials about the importance of this legislation.

A huge Thanks to those of you who have already contacted your elected officials.

Khal Spencer (LA Bikes), Jennifer Buntz (Duke City Wheelmen), and the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization.

Lycra and leather stood together at a State Capitol rally last winter. 
Probably need to do it again


Careless Driving Ontario said...

Increasing the penalties don't seem to help drivers become aware that what they're doing is not at all the good thing. Not even the campaigns of raising awareness don't have the wanted results. Human nature can't be changed so easily, so it's a challenge for anyone or any type of organization to do so, no matter how much effort they put into it. And this is available all over the world.

Khal said...

Interestingly, the comment above is from a company that fights traffic tickets. Small wonder they are critical of this bill.

Erin Fred said...

YEah you are right Khal ;)
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shane watson said...
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