Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Official - House Bill 12 Introduced to combat careless driving

The bill to up the penalties for careless drivers whose actions cause the death or great bodily harm of another road user has been introduced. It is House Bill 12.

All cyclists from across the State can help see this penalty enhancement bill passed and signed into law. E-mail your New Mexico Senator and Representative TODAY.

This is only a 30 day session, so don't put this off. We only have a very small amount of time, but the momentum is on our side.

see or my earlier post for more details.

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Steve A said...

While I don't live in New Mexico, if I did, I would consider if moving things in the right direction now is a good interim objective or if a little progress now might reduce the chances of a more equitable treatment in the next legislative session. Sounds like the Duke City Wheelmen have concluded that a small step is worth the risk. I pray they are right. We treat careless or incompetent operation of a deadly weapon (motor vehicle) entirely too lightly. Civil actions make up for some of that, but the civil system is weighted against a plaintiff unable to afford a good legal team.