Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Texting Bill Advances in State Senate While Drunk Driver Kills Again in Belin

From the Albuquerque Journal.

..Senate Bill 19 would allow law enforcement officers to write a citation for drivers seen using cellphones to write or read text messages or other written content while driving or stopped in traffic. The bill, approved on a bipartisan vote in the Senate Public Affairs Committee on Tuesday, calls for a $25 fine for a first offense and a $50 fine for subsequent offenses...

In other news KOAT-7 in Albuquerque tells us that a man convicted of killing a motorcyclist and seriously injuring the passenger on the bike in  2006 while driving drunk is back in jail for hitting yet another motorcycle, killing the rider and injuring the passenger while driving drunk. The KOAT story can be read online without a subscription. A more recent KOAT story tells us the suspect, who is being held on $500k cash only bond, has entered a not guilty plea.

Be careful out there.


Steve A said...

Ironic. Drunks with guns are less likely to hit targets while drunks with cars are MORE likely.

Ian Brett Cooper said...

Here's my (rhetorical) question:

I understand why murderers eventually get set free - other than serial killers, a murderer is actually not all that likely to murder a second time. But drunk drivers tend to drive drunk all their lives, and they pose a continuing threat. Yet drunk drivers often get light sentences and are allowed to drive as soon as they get out of prison. Shouldn't they face a lifetime driving ban at the very least?

Jim Irvin said...
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