Sunday, May 24, 2015

23-24 May in Lafayette-Boulder

Boulder's Bike-Walk Month Mag
Bike month doesn't officially start in Boulder till June, most likely due to their being both north and at high enough elevation to make May dicey, but it seems they are about to put on a pretty good show. In addition to a detailed web site, they put out a 47 page glossy magazine (shown on the left) publicizing all the events for bike-walk month.

The city is quite festooned with bicycle infrastructure such as the buffered bike lane shown below and on the right; this one runs along Baseline Road. Plus, unlike last November, when I knew absolutely nothing about the Boulder area and was riding on narrow, shoulderless and high speed Arapahoe, I since found Baseline, which has good shoulders and/or bike lanes all the way from our friend's house in Lafayette to downtown BikeTown, including good connectivity to a lot of other great riding.That discovery made for a fast little 20 mile loop Saturday morning on the CAAD-5, before the ever present thunderstorms of the last few weeks moved back in.
Buffered bike lane in Boulder, on Baseline Rd

 Sunday involved a 30 mile loop (again, racing Old Man Weather) starting in Lafayette and heading southwest, including parts of routes 93, 128, and 170 that Patrick O'Grady told me were part of the Morgul-Bismark Coors Classic course west of Superior. Of interest to BombTown readers, it also skirts the edge of Rocky Flats. It was a feisty, rolling bike ride, but at least this time I was able to keep up with my hosts. Or, they were being nice. We skipped the famous nasty uphill finish, though.

Nice weekend, but we have been dodging thunderstorms every afternooon! Including one right now.
My biking hosts, Joe and Dale, with Eldorado Canyon (I think...) as a backdrop

Joe and some old fat guy who was sucking wheel, with Boulder in the background

Just for fun....a movie

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