Sunday, May 10, 2015

Get High on Day Ten of Bike Month, Happy Mother's Day, and Sharrows

Nice day for a ride up Camp May Road
There were a few raindrops that headed our way, but after putting some tomato plants from Dave Fox's place into pots, I decided to head up Camp May Road. Nice day for it, although it turned suddenly windy and cold at the top.

At the Transportation Board meeting Thursday night, the County staff discussed sharrows, with some context sensitive stuff that I am glad is being applied to Los Alamos. Central will get sharrows in the section East of where the bike lane ends. Another proposal is to use sharrows on the fast downhill of North Road where it heads East towards Diamond and a wider "climbing bike lane" for the uphill. I've long suggested such treatments in hilly areas like ours. A fast downhill cyclist on a road like North is not taking a good line by staying in the bike lane, can be overlooked by people turning into our out of Quemezon, or overtaken and cut off by same direction motorists turning into Quemezon. So looking at topography when deciding the proper "bike facility" is an excellent idea.

Hopefully, all the moms who wanted to get in a nice ride did so today, and a tip of the brain bucket to them all.

Take that, Giro!

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