Tuesday, May 26, 2015

26 May. Sigh. Back to Work

Enough of the fun bikes. Back to the salt mines. Put a set of fenders on the Long Haul Trucker as they mount to the bike in a normal, straightforward manner, unlike the ones on the disk brake bike that have to be turned, twisted, and jammed on with rubber gizmos and zip ties. Now it will stop raining as long as the fenders are on the bike, eh?

The LHT is starting to look like that picture of the F-4 Phantom with everything piled on except the kitchen sink. Or maybe they just forgot the sink. But I guess that's what a workhorse vehicle is supposed to look like, eh? Ready for anything, whether it be SAMs or storms.

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JerryM said...

It will be raining today for the ride home. I didn't wear my rain jacket. Been wearing it every day for a week and, so far, haven't been rained on during the commute.