Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beware of significant, unpredictable risks (oh, deer)

I sent this out this morning and got the response that followed. Be careful out there. The animals are re-arranging due to the fire last summer, but would be out anyway. Thanks to Jerry Merkey for the title, and for reminding me that even on a slow day, he often sees deer near the shoulders of Camp May Road.

Had a close call with a herd of about half dozen mule deer last night. They were crossing Camp May Road about the same time I was hurtling down it at about six p.m. They yielded and I braked. Be careful out there if you are riding early or late in the day.


On the commute to Santa Fe yesterday around 4:45 a pickup had hit a deer just past the Y parking area. The drivers side windshield was smashed and the deer was dead on the road. An additional tragic and gruesome thing was that it appeared the the deer was pregnant and had given birth to a baby deer (dead) next to it on the road. Dangerous.



Steve A said...

According to a television show I watched recently, you are FAR more likely to be killed by a deer than a dog, snake, or shark attack - COMBINED. Heck, throw in plane crashes while you are at it. Killer deer!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of planes... deer on the runway have ruined the day for many a small airplane pilot. Happens on landing or takeoff. Sometimes in the air on Christmas Eve!