Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ride "Volunteers" please confirm here for where and when


To Jim, Jerry, Geoff, Jon, and Shea and anyone else who wants to lead a group in for Bike to Work Day/LANL Employee Health and Wellness Day on May 15th: Could you please confirm here (in the comments attached to this post) as to where you will start and at what time?

Please don't turn yourself inside out for the day. This just lets anyone else know where some rides will be starting. Presumably, ending at the Wellness Center unless folks want to peel off to their own destinations. Please leave full name if you don't mind, so folks like me know who is volunteering. Alternatively if you don't want to leave a full name here, email me at my LANL or home email.

For cyclists riding together. Please remember, this is not a parade or a race. Obey all traffic laws.  A line of cyclists in traffic is no different than a line of cars in traffic. Don't "parade" through a red light, and remember, if you are riding behind someone, do you really know them (or yourself) well enough to "draft"?

I'll be leaving the North Mesa at about 0645 on Tuesday from the intersection of Hawk Road and S. San Ildefonso, i.e., where San I road has the turn off into the Middle School near the bus shelter. See you there.

Khal Spencer


Jon said...

Mountain Elementary and Western area, approximate departure times. We'll pause at each so people can join us there:
7:10: 45th and Arizona
7:14: 42nd near Urban (by the parking)
7:18: Sandia near 40th, just past the bus stop
7:25: Trinity and 41st, near the crosswalk.
7:40: Wellness Center

After yesterday I'm not going to take a group up West Jemez, so be prepared for some very slow sidewalk riding in places. This is also, of course, not the most direct route for those of you in the North Community, and it'll work those hill legs. Given the lights on Diamond, it's not much slower.

I'm tall, ponytail, white helmet with hi-vis stickers. Will be riding either a blue folding bike or a white road bike, depending on my whimsy. Grey REI panniers.

Khal said...
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mik said...


I'll be leaving the east end of Barranca Mesa (far down Los Pueblos) at 7:30am, hoping to pick up people (Gene? and anyone else we find) along the way. Route will be Los Pueblos, Barranca, San Ildefonso to the roundabout, then Diamond to the bridge and LANL. Normal travel time is about 30 minutes, I expect closer to 40 with a group.

White helmet, yellow jersey, white/blue road bike.

Anonymous said...

I'll plan to pick up anyone who might like to ride to LANL from the intersection of Club Road and Diamond (just across from the Golf Course parking lot)at 0700. I'll have my black fixed gear bike, black back pack, and probably be wearing a bright green jacket or jersey.

We can go to the Wellness Center if folks want or just peel off to our work destinations. I normally go south on Diamond and east on Pajarito to TA-55.


Little Jimmy said...

Just to be different, I'm planning to lead a dirt commute to work.

We will meet at the roundabout at 7:30 a.m. and then we'll ride a series of trails to the Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center. From there, people can either depart on their own toward TA-3 by way of Canyon Road and Diamond, or continue with me up Central Avenue to the Downtown area.

Come one, come all, all ye Baggy-short-wearing commuters! We will meet on the north-east quadrant of the roundabout and continue from there. Even though some sections of the trail aren't "beginner-friendly," I'll happily wait if people need to walk some of the more intense sections (most of which occur within the first mile).

Shea said...

I'll be leaving from the intersection of La Cueva and Barranca at 7:00. I'll head to San Ildefonso down to the roundabout, then Diamond to LANL. I'll have a silver helmet, bright green/black jersey, and ride a black/silver hybrid with front panniers. Normally I head to TA-53, but I think for this I'll hit the Wellness Center before heading down there.

Shea said...

Oh, and a full name....

Shea Mosby

Khal said...


I plan on leaving my house at 7:30, riding east to the end of Los Pueblos (only about 1/4 mile), then heading in to work - Los Pueblos, Barranca, San Ildefonso, roundabout, Diamond drive. Probably cutting through the Research Park, to avoid the intestine. I'll scoop up whoever I see along the way, maybe Gene if he's up and ready.

I should see you just after 8:00.

Bryan Lally