Thursday, May 3, 2012

Please volunteer for LANL bike to work day


We have not had a bike to work at LANL for a couple years due to the heavy construction on Diamond Drive. We (err….Institutional Worker's Safety and Security Team, Industrial Hygiene and Safety, Wellness Center, certain loose cannons) are bringing it back up now that the road construction is complete.

The last couple times we did this we had volunteers who agreed to bike to LANL from specific places in town, so that inexperienced folks would have some moral support. Also, in those days, Diamond Drive was a tad more formidable. But the secondary benefit was style points, i.e., pelotons of people arriving at once.

The date this year will probably be the 15th of May to coincide with Employee Health and Fitness Day. Alternatively, it might be the 17th if we cannot pull it off. The destination will be the Wellness Center.

I will be riding in from North Mesa (I live near the Middle School) and can lead a group in from there. We could use someone from Barranca and the main townsite and perhaps White Rock and the Western Areas.

Please volunteer.  Give me a quick ping back with an email or response to this post if you can help, where you can ride in from, and what time. Let’s assume for the moment that this will be on the fifteenth.


Khal Spencer


Steve A said...

What kind of goodies are you giving to volunteers? After reading Ian, I'm considering something or other out of the ordinary. OTOH, they charge a lot to fly a bike in baggage nowadays.

Anonymous said...

I'm juggling some re-roofing and also work-related activities, but I'm thinking I may be able to help about 0700 to lead from Club Road/Diamond to LANL.


Khal said...

Thanks, Jerry, that would be great.

Sorry, Steve, but nothing too elaborate. That GSA pseudo-scandal in Sin City has everyone ducking for cover. It will be simple, edible fare. I may provide beer and pizza at the house when it is all over for the day for anyone who volunteers and wants to celebrate.

Little Jimmy said...

Hey Khal,

I think I could lead a ride. Of course, I'll be getting moral support from the beginning riders! Hah, hah, hah! Let me know where you'd like me to be. 7 a.m. is such an ugly hour....

Anonymous said...

If it's the 17th, I can lead a group from White Rock. What time did you plan for the group to leave White Rock?


Jon said...

I can swing through the Western Area on the way in, and/or loop around through the, er, south north community (around Mountain Elementary).

Wellness Center is a bit of an awkward target given the annoying, shoulderless climb on West Jemez.

Khal said...

Actually, folks can leave from where they want to leave from at their own time of choosing. Just let me know, and we can post it by the end of the week.

Wellness Center is a bit unruly on that road to be sure. This was an attempt to combine events for a variety of logistical reasons. I guess if some good comes out of it, it will be that LANL can examine the situation on West Jemez from the standpoint of someone other than the lunchtime race crew.

Anonymous said...

I can leave White Rock pretty much at any time. If someone wants company on Pajarito Rd, just post the time you need to leave.


Shea said...


I've been lurking for a few months, having just moved here. Anyway, it seems that nobody has taken Barranca just yet. I generally am at the intersection of La Cueva and Barranca Rd. at 7 a.m. and would have no problem "leading" whoever showed up down to the Wellness Center.


Anonymous said...

I will head up an unaffiliated ride from LA to WR. I generally take Canyon to Diamond to Pajarito to White Rock. If anybody is interested in tagging along, I am relatively flexible.