Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cyclist down--and cited, too

According to media sources, the cyclist who was involved in a collision with a motorist in front of Metzger's Gas Station this morning was cited. Fortunately, that mental picture in my head of seeing him on a gurney being lifted into an ambulance was for prevention, not dire need. But I missed the fireworks.  If you were a witness and saw what happened, you might want to make a statement as to what you saw, assuming you have not already done so.

Although this is a bike blog, I'd prefer not to jump to too many conclusions without seeing a full report.  But one thing is for sure. Whenever there are bike lanes and a lot of curb cuts (i.e., side streets, parking lot entrances), there will be conflicts. Be careful out there, be aware of your surroundings, and expect mistakes. For example.  And another example, where I came close to being hit at almost the exact same location.

Here, to review, are some general reminders I posted a couple years ago.

Here is a general video of what can happen at an intersection with a bike lane.


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