Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ultralight bicycle travel

I'm still convinced that one of these days I will put the computer at work on standby and leave for an extended vacation on the Long Haul Trucker (for a good discussion of touring bikes, go here). Frankly, given the state of the Federal budget these days, I may get a nudge and some colleagues joining me.

 So after reading Patrick O'Grady's teaser on a steeply geared bike he is testing for an upcoming Adventure Cycling article, I was amused at this page, on the Adventure Cycling Assn. web site, describing ultralight bike touring. Sure, some of this looks like a great opportunity to whip out the plastic and buy more stuff, but another part of me says that an ultralight tour would be quite liberating. My tendency is to overpack, which on a self-powered tour, could be problematic. Anyway, go read if you are interested.

Have a nice weekend.


Steve A said...

Of course, this post arrives mere days after I order up a new rear rack!

John Romeo Alpha said...

I also tend to overpack and wish to go lighter. But I was once caught by a summer ice/rain storm on a mountain with insufficient gear, and will never make that mistake again. Those two statements together tend to equal expensive packing, I think.