Saturday, May 5, 2012

Of Moons and Motorcycles

We rode the tandem around town today in this lovely spring weather and hit the spring craft fair at Fuller Lodge. Then we rode over for breakfast burritos at El Parasol, rode (burp....) east to the airport, back along Canyon Road and Rim Road, and home again. That was nice.

Later on, I took the gas powered two wheeler up New Mexico SR-4 into the Jemez to get some practice remembering to "Look where you want to go, not where you are going" (in the words of General Manager Jim Johnson from Sandia BMW). Its been too many years since I was a regular on a motorcycle and frankly, I've had to teach myself all over again. Once I remembered to let the eyes and mind lead and the body and bike follow, carving through the curves was less awkward. Like Bike Ed, Moto Ed is all about thinking it through and then getting it to feel like a natural thing to do.

Good practice run up NM-4 with the big bike. Redondo Peak, a
resurgent dome in the Jemez Caldera, in the background
Mooned over Los Alamos.
Sangre de Cristos beneath the rising moon
Later on, it was time to set up the camera for the Moon's perigee with Ma Earth. Nice day all around.


Erik Lucien said...

"Look where you want to go, not where you are going" – This was inspiring. :] Once you’re on your own bike, you instantly gain a sense of freedom and feel like you can go wherever you want. The last clause, however, makes sense in a way that it serves as a reminder of safety on the road. Did you feel the same fear you had on your first ride now that you’re kind of rediscovering your motorcycle skills?

Khal said...

Hi, Erik

I'm much more comfortable and significantly more confident now than I was last winter. But not arrogant. That's what kills you.

I took an Advanced Rider Class this summer through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation/Rider's Edge Program, down in Santa Fe at the H-D shop. They ran us ragged in bike handling maneuvers for seven hours on our own machines. It was exhilarating and confidence building. Just need more saddle time!